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Re: [PLUG] plug Digest, Vol 102, Issue 15

The Pi has a very limited USB sub-system, I believe. I've only used a single USB drive on mine. Could you try connecting one of the drives on a network machine and copying via ethernet. It won't be fast, but you're slower than ethernet right now.



On Monday 2013-05-13 8:20:58 PM Adam Zion wrote:

Are you my any chance running a wireless connection via the USB port?  I
tried that it it bogged down the Pi to the point of uselessness.  Connecting
via wired ethernet was OK, though.

Both HDs are connected via USB, and I'm trying to rsync from one of the USB drives to the other. I did have a thought just now, though: I formatted each drive w/ext4, and perhaps the journalling aspect of that format is causing the problem. I'd rather not reformat using NTFS, since that hoses any linux permissions at all. But ext2 may be helpful, so I'm reformatting the currently-empty drive using that. Let's see if that helps. I may have to reformat both drives using a non-journalling file system; not a huge deal, given that this is a de facto RAID 1 (can't do true RAID using USB drives).




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