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Re: [PLUG] 2013-05-21 PLUG W follow-up

Oh, I forgot. We also talked about having in-house Ubuntu repos for enterprise distribution, staging for patch control, etc.

I personally use the obsolete and a bit buggy 'http-replicator' proxy, see: (last changed by me)

The project says "Last Update: 2013-04-26" but the code hasn't been touched since early 2008. It works for my limited use, but I can't recommend it.

'apt-cache search proxy | less -N' on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS turns up 366 hits, including:
      4 approx - caching proxy server for Debian archive files
      5 apt-cacher - Caching proxy for Debian package and source files
      6 apt-cacher-ng - caching proxy server for software repositories
      7 apt-p2p - apt helper for peer-to-peer downloads of Debian packages
     36 debtorrent - bittorrent proxy for downloading Debian packages
310 squid-deb-proxy - Squid proxy configuration optimized for deb packages

I *think* that "approx" used to require re-writing the '/etc/apt/source.list' file but does not any longer. See 'apt-cache show approx apt-cacher apt-cacher-ng squid-deb-proxy' and perhaps 'apt-cache show apt-p2p debtorrent' for more details. If anyone looks deeper and can make a recommendation (or do a talk!) please let us know! I really ought to get myself off http-replicator...

But none of that really handles the enterprise need for local testing and staging of updates. Canonical has a commercial offering for that [1], and it looks like MS System Center Configuration Manager (AKA SMS) can handle Ubuntu too (I'm not sure whether to be horrified or gratified) [2]. But creating a local repo isn't that hard [3], and with a bit of scripting it should be possible to create the typical upstream --> staging --> production flow you'd expect. What might be really interesting is combining the two so you only mirror the sub-set of the repo that you need (like the proxy idea), but with the ability to stage updates.

And some quick Google searches [4] seemed quite interesting. Lots of people point to Nagios, Chef & Puppet, and even Spacewalk [5].

Again, anyone who dives in please report and/or do a preso!




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