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[PLUG] Some Fosscon talk options: The Open Source side of... OpenStack, Continuous Integration or Systems Administration

Hi everyone,

I'll be coming into town for Fosscon[0] on August 10th and I gave a
few talk proposals which Jonathan suggested I put to you fine folks to
gauge interest of:

1. Introduction to OpenStack - Pretty vanilla OpenStack.org project
presentation, what it is, what it's for, live demonstration of

2. Open Source Continuous Integration - Details about the framework
and open source tools used for the public code review+testing that is
done for the OpenStack, it can be (and has been!) adopted for other
projects/companies since it's all open source, some details at
http://ci.openstack.org/ (this is what I work on, really cool stuff!)

3. Being an Open Source Sysadmin - Using open source tools (including
aforementioned public code review + testing tools) to work in a open
sysadmin environment, ie - every file I add and all my puppet patches
go through public review, all python scripts and puppet config files
go through syntax checking upon commit-for-review (this is *how* I do
my work, it's very cool tool!)

None of these require any prior knowledge of OpenStack since the first
option is an intro and in the other two the technology described is
really on the sysadmin side and can be used anywhere, I just happen to
support the OpenStack project with it. My personal preference is for 2
or 3, as there are many people who can give Intro to OpenStack
presentations, there are only a handful of us on the project
infrastructure team :)

So, preferences? If you don't have specific feedback to share on-list,
I set up a form to just select an option:


[0] http://fosscon.org/

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