Russ Thompson on 29 May 2013 12:39:54 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Job Opportuinty (Fulltime/Perm): Linux Administrator (Redhat) - Center City Philadelphia

Amen Doug :)

- Russ

On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 12:38 PM, Claude M. Schrader <> wrote:
he's a recruiter. if he gives too many details publicly, you apply through the
company's website, and his misses out on the commission. I'm sure he would
be more than happy to provide you with lots of info if you get in touch
with him directly.

On 12:32 Wed 29 May   , Douglas Muth wrote:
> Â Â ÂI have full time, permanent placement opportunity for a Linux
> Â Â ÂAdministrator (Redhat preferred) in Center City Philadelphia. Interviews
> Â Â Âwill be scheduled quickly for qualified applicants.
> Â ÂUh... that's... vague.
> Â ÂWhat kind of company is it? ïStartup? ïMid-size? ïFortune 500? ïIf it's a
> Â Âstartup, do they have a revenue stream? ïWhat industry is it? ïB2B? ïB2C?
> Â ÂïEcommerce? Consumer goods? Consulting? Medical? Are there other
> Â Âresponsibilities that come with the position, such as desktop support?
> Â ÂïAre there any additional technical requirements, such as experience with
> Â Âa specific cloud platform or backup solution? ïDoes the company offer any
> Â Âbenefits that differentiate itself from competitors such as 401(k) or the
> Â Âability to work remotely?
> Â ÂUs engineers aren't all alike. ïWe're not replaceable cogs that can be
> Â Âjust dropped into any position. ïCompanies may want the right person for a
> Â Âgiven position, but it also works the other way: we're all looking for the
> Â Âright employer.
> Â ÂI don't mean to pick on the poster specifically, but I see vague job
> Â Âpostings like this from recruiters *all the time*. ïIt is frustrating for
> Â Âus who are looking to change jobs because we get no useful information to
> Â Âmake any kind of decision on, and it's frustrating for the client company
> Â Âbecause they get job applicants that are spread all over the spectrum and
> Â Âhave a more difficult time finding someone who is a good fit for the
> Â Âposition.
> Â Â/rant
> Â Â-- Doug
> Â ÂP.S. Feel free to disagree with any or all of what I just wrote. ïI'm more
> Â Âthan happy to be proven wrong.

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