Isaac Bennetch on 9 Jun 2013 09:07:03 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Sysadmin tools for iPad?

On 6/9/13 8:56 AM, Paul Walker wrote:
I'm on the lookout for some battle hardened tools for basic system
administration and dev-ops type stuff that will run from iPad. Looking
for the basics ssh, FTP, text editor. Also maybe there are other common
system or dev tasks you perform often from a tablet (ok an iPad)? Input

I tend to keep some design documents with Google (for ease of collaboration), so the Google Drive app comes in pretty handy.

PlainText is a text editor that supports Dropbox, so I have a folder in my Dropbox of text documents I can edit directly from PlainText. Very handy. You can save locally with it (thought I don't) if you hate The Cloud and it integrates with TextExpander for, um, text expansion (type in a short abbreviation and it expands it).

Mocha VNC Lite for remote desktop (it also handles Apple Remote Desktop, but unless I missed it, not Windows RDP). Doing so from an iDevice isn't pleasant, but it's very, very handy.

I haven't found a suitable FTP program, in part because the concept of a file on an iOS device is Apple's own idea of what works best, so uploading or downloading files would be of limited use.

I've been holding off on paying for an SSH or IRC app until I find the right one, but I hear Colloquy is top notch for the latter.

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