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[PLUG] Fosscon 2013 in one month.

Well folks, it’s almost that time of year again! We are just under 5 weeks away from our favorite day of the year! Fosscon 2013 will be held on August 10th, 2013. We have had so many submissions this year for talks and workshops, that we are excited to bring you a wide variety of topics ranging from hobbyist level to professional implementation talks.

We are very excited about this year’s keynote speaker, Philadelphia’s own Jordan Miller, who leads a research team at The University of Pennsylvania. Jordan makes heavy use of open source software and is doing amazing work with 3D printing as it pertains to transplant organs. printed-vascular-networks-made-sugar. He was recently nominated as Philadelphia's scientist of the year in the Philly geek awards

Listed below is a just a quick peek at some of our confirmed speakers and their topics:

Bhavani Shankar will be speaking on how to bring in new developers to open source projects.

Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph will be speaking on Open Source Systems Administration.

Corey Quinn will be speaking on configuration management with Salt.

Brent Saner will be speaking on Project.Phree, a wireless mesh project.

Dru Lavigne will be speaking on FreeNAS 9.1.

Jérôme Jacovella-St-Louis will be speaking on cross-platform development with the Ecere SDK.

John Ashmead will be speaking on the math and science of invisibility.

John Stumpo will be offering a workshop on the Challenges facing FOSS game projects.

Walt Mankowski will be speaking on Scientific Programming with NumPy and SciPy.

Chris Nehren will be speaking on bridging the gap between development and operations.

Christina Simmons will be speaking on starting and managing open source events/projects.

Hector Castro will be offering a hands-on workshop on the Riak database engine.

Dan Langille will be offering a workshop on Bacula: The Networked Backup Open Source Solution

With a total of 12 talks and 10 workshops, we have more content than ever before. In addition to these talks, check out our exhibition area, our Hackerspace room run by Philly hackerspace Hive76, and our installfest.

If you haven’t registered yet, please do so here:! We’ve had such an awesome response so far and are so excited to see how far we can go this year! Invite your friends, your partners, your business associates, and everyone else you know! We’ll see you soon!
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