JP Vossen on 26 Jul 2013 13:19:25 -0700

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[PLUG] Wheezy USB 2 Ethernet?

My Backup server lost another NIC in the lightning recently. Last time it was a multi-port NIC so the "fix" was easy. This newer server had only 1 NIC and has no room for an internal card, so I can either try to replace the motherboard or just use a USB (2.0) Ethernet. Given the frequency that this happens, an easily swappable USB dongle is probably a good idea anyway.

And yes, I used to have the Ethernet plugged into the UPS' filter port. But: a) that didn't help the first time and b) this time I had bypassed the filter because it was limiting me to 100M instead of 1000M.

This looks like it will either Just Work or work with a bit of tweaking for Debian Wheezy running kernel 3.2.46-1:
    * (AX88178)

Any thoughts or other recommendations?

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