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Re: [PLUG] tar/pigz question

In the message dated: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 10:52:52 -0400,
The pithy ruminations from Carl Johnson on 
<[PLUG] tar/pigz question> were:


=> that I'm not sure how to resolve. Here's what I'm doing......
=> /bin/tar -c -v --use-compress-program=pigz /mnt/drive_z/ | /usr/bin/pigz >
=> /mnt/backupLUN09_SAN/file-server-backup--`date +%m_%d_%y`--.tar.gz
=> So far I've that command. That'll pack up things in /mnt/drive_z/ and send
=> 'em over to my SAN at /mnt/backupLUN09_SAN/ right? If I got that right,
=> great; progress. Problem is though, I'd like to generate a list of
=> everything tar is packing up for me. I've considered using "|


/bin/tar -c -v --use-compress-program=pigz /mnt/drive_z/ \
	 -f  /mnt/backupLUN09_SAN/file-server-backup--`date +%m_%d_%y`--.tar.gz \
	 1>  file-server-backup--`date +%m_%d_%y`.index


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