Eric H. Johnson on 29 Sep 2013 05:29:17 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Spanning volumes with LVM (Ubuntu)


I booted to the 13.04 LiveCD, ran FDisk and blew away all of the partitions
that had been created on all of the drives. I then tried to reinstall Ubuntu
13.04 with LVM. It went all the way through the install, but when it got to
installing grub it gave an error "unable to install grub - fatal error". I
tried other locations it listed, but could not install to any of them

Last thing I did was to blow away all of the partitions created by the LVM
install on the 1TB drive and install without LVM. That at least worked.

I did play with encrypted LVM too, I was probably trying to tackle too much
at once and wanted to see if I could use drive encryption across spanned
volumes. I only managed as far as the initial drive, but that did not seem
to be the problem with LVM. I don't need any of that for Myth, I just wanted
to learn how to do it.

Note: I was looking at RAIDing it somewhere down the line, after I get a
third 3TB drive. There was a limit of two when I bought these, and I am
cheap, so I was going wait for them to go on sale again to get a third one.

For Myth, I can go ahead with how I have it installed now, and as suggested
use the 1TB for the OS and the two 3TBs for myth media storage, unless I
find a solution to installing grub under an LVM install.

Are you saying I am still going to have a problem setting up partitions on
the two 3TB drives with FDisk if I want them larger than 2TB? What should I
be using instead?


Define "blow everything away."  Does that include your original disk, or
just the new ones?  If you want to blow away everything then that will
depend somewhat on your distro and how its installer works, unless you're
doing it all manually.  If you're trying to just undo what you did that
might be possible, though looking below I'm not entirely sure...

Drives moving around isn't unusual when you start adding them.  That is one
of the benefits of using LVM/mdadm/etc - you're using logical names instead
of physical drive references and during boot the system is just going to
scan everything and assemble things.


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