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Re: [PLUG] Plug Social

Love it.  My preference is we pick a place that is not
known for it's poor acoustics.  For example Victory in
downingtown is well known for being a shout fest because
there's no sound deadening going on.  Social works way
better when we can hear one another.

I don't really know many places in KoP that would qualify.
Rock Bottom comes to mind, but I think the bar gets loud.
I'd avoid it on a sporty night.

Theresa's in Wayne is a nice joint, but can be loud.  I't
right by the regional rail station.

I like the public place idea best.  I recall the events
a few years back but since I've not developed personal
friendhips with folks, I feel a little uncomfortable going
to someones home.  Much more comfortable going to some
public place.


On 10/12/13 4:38 PM, Jonathan Simpson wrote:
> Back in 2010, we did a few "plug-social" evenings at my
> place.  I'm wondering if there would be any interest in
> doing this sort of thing again, but this time at a
> restaurant. The location would likely be in or around the
> King of Prussia area, and if desired I'll try to make
> allowances for mass transit access.
> The event would likely just be an hour or two of
> socialization, along with short lightning talks of around 5
> minutes each.
> if there's interest, I'd like to put something together, but
> first I need a rough idea of who might be interested so I
> can find a suitable location, or locations, if we all have a
> blast and want to keep doing it.
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