Jonathan Simpson on 12 Oct 2013 14:19:38 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Plug Social

Chick's tavern in bridgeport has a private room in the back, I was thinking of asking them.

There's also Michael's deli on 202 in KOP which has, I think, 2 private rooms, the smaller of which might fit us well.

I have a projector and screen from FOSSCON that we can use if we do this regularly and want to do real presentations.

On Saturday, October 12, 2013 5:15:59 PM, Andrew Libby wrote:

Love it.  My preference is we pick a place that is not
known for it's poor acoustics.  For example Victory in
downingtown is well known for being a shout fest because
there's no sound deadening going on.  Social works way
better when we can hear one another.

I don't really know many places in KoP that would qualify.
Rock Bottom comes to mind, but I think the bar gets loud.
I'd avoid it on a sporty night.

Theresa's in Wayne is a nice joint, but can be loud.  I't
right by the regional rail station.

I like the public place idea best.  I recall the events
a few years back but since I've not developed personal
friendhips with folks, I feel a little uncomfortable going
to someones home.  Much more comfortable going to some
public place.


On 10/12/13 4:38 PM, Jonathan Simpson wrote:
Back in 2010, we did a few "plug-social" evenings at my
place.  I'm wondering if there would be any interest in
doing this sort of thing again, but this time at a
restaurant. The location would likely be in or around the
King of Prussia area, and if desired I'll try to make
allowances for mass transit access.

The event would likely just be an hour or two of
socialization, along with short lightning talks of around 5
minutes each.

if there's interest, I'd like to put something together, but
first I need a rough idea of who might be interested so I
can find a suitable location, or locations, if we all have a
blast and want to keep doing it.

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