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Re: [PLUG] Schedule, speakers

I'd love to hear about gitlab.  I moved xforty from a
straight up git over ssh setup to gitlab a few months ago.

We don't have nearly as much data (1.2G) in about
200 repositories.  Given the nature of our work, we needed
to be able to have some control over who can access
what (subcontractors, customers, etc access some projects
and so forth).


On 10/19/13 10:08 PM, Sam Gleske wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 8:23 AM, Eric at
> < <>> wrote:
>     PLUG has two issues right now:
>     1. Our January meeting falls on the 1st - a holiday - so
>     it's moving to Wednesday the 8th.
>     2. Speakers!  Where are our speakers?
>     MJD cannot speak in Dec due to a schedule conflict so
>     he's moving to Jan.
>     Any volunteers for Nov and Dec?
> I take a night class each Wednesday so am not able to attend
> any PLUG meetings during this term :(.  In the future, I
> wouldn't mind speaking about my experiences moving the
> Drexel IRT Enterprise from SVN -> Git (>15GB of SVN
> repositories) and using Gitlab. It would be good to keep in
> mind for a future discussion though.  The move to Git is
> currently a work in progress so it might be best to wait
> until it's over to give a better presentation with solid
> examples and troubles encountered.
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