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Re: [PLUG] OT: need SPST-NC lever switch

I was thinking the same thing. If its not at the big box stores, call around to more contractor-oriented supply stores.

Never been there, but I would add Staleys in conshohocken to the list.

On Jan 4, 2014 10:13 PM, "Carl Johnson" <> wrote:
three ideas...

one.. colonial electric in K.O.P.
two.. horizon electric supply in eagleville.
three.. bergey electric in hatfield.

JP Vossen <> wrote:
>This is certainly my day for emailing this list.  My condensation pump
>limit/float switch just fried and I'm hoping someone with more of a
>background in industrial parts can help me out.  I've worked around the
>problem but I don't want to let it go more than a few days if I can
>help it.
>The pump is a Beckett CB151UL and the dead part is a:
>       Hoppy HP-S1004 5A 250V #110 tab SPST-NC [1]
>As noted it is normally closed, with the lever flush against the case,
>and the spring pulling it closed.  The float hooks around the lever and
>when the water is low pulls the switch open.  When the float rises the
>lever closes and runs the pump until the float drops and opens it
>The switch housing is 20cm x 10cm  and the lever protrudes 21cm out
>the side.
>Obligatory ASCII-art (slightly smaller than scale):
>|  o  o  |          |||
>|________|        _____
>  \--;-\____________ |||
>                     |||
>                     ||| < Float arm, water high, pump on
>                [[[[[[|]]]]]]
>                [[[[[[|]]]]]]
>I hate to have to replace a $50 pump for lack of a $3 part, but I can't
>find anything that looks like it'll work.  I've spent a bunch of time
>Google, Grainger, Mouser, Digi-Key, and Amazon and I'm coming up empty.
> I can't find the Hoppy part at all, except [1], and I'm not finding a
>compatible replacement otherwise.  I'm sure it's out there, I'm just
>well enough versed in industrial supply to find it.  I also only want
>2-4 of them (I have 2 of that pump and I know that other crappy switch
>will go sooner or later).
>Can anyone help me out with some clues and/or a local (Collegeville,
>KoP, Pottstown?) place that might stock something like this?
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