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Re: [PLUG] I2C Bus Length

According to Google,  the max distance is ~9 - 12Ft.  I'd be kind of skeptical that you could get that reliably.  You also need to provide +5V to the sensor and sending that through 12 ft of cable isn't the easiest thing to do.  You might want to look at Maxim (formerly Dallas) 1-Wire devices.  These devices are supported on the Pi (& tons of other platforms).   I have a Hobby-Boards Humidity/Temp sensor I want to hook up as an outdoor sensor.  1-Wire can run on Cat5.  Check out the Weathertoys website ( for more info on 1-wire in general and weather apps specifically.

On 01/12/14, Casey Bralla<> wrote:

I'm thinking about hooking up a temperature/humidity sensor to my Raspberry Pi. This sensor, looks like it would be easy to interface. However, the sensor comes with a 20-inch cable, and I'd like to have the sensor about 6 - 10 feet from the Pi.


I've never used the I2C bus before. Anybody have any ideas about the practical max distance from the Pi to the sensor?



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