Carl Johnson on 28 Jan 2014 08:41:06 -0800

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[PLUG] VoIP stuff...

I've been tasked with updating/upgrading an old (1985-ish vintage) phone system in a small office of 15-20 people. I have everything to do this is ready to go on a network/cabling/VLAN level. Now the hard part.......

1. I'm gonna' build an i3/entry level Xeon box and maybe run PiAF/trixbox on it. Thoughts?

2. I vaguely remember someone (Rachael was it??) telling me about a place in manayunk that sells VoIP phones and stuff. I've forgotten the name of it. Can anyone refresh my memory?

3. Other than (2), can anyone recommend a place where I could buy/try/touch/see different IP phone's for this project? If possible, I'd prefer it to be local to the philly area since we may need to try out several phones before I find one everyone in the place can agree on. I'm trying to avoid unnecessary shipping/handling/re-stocking headaches by going this route.

4. In place now -- a few linksys ATA's feeding POTS lines into the existing phone system, using a couple different VoIP providers. Since the providers they're using now don't support SIP trunks I may present Vitelity and/or Anveo as cheaper or more consolidated options. Thoughts?

5. If they decide not to go with trunk(s), I should be able to replace the linksys ATA's with asterisk/PiAF right?

Constructive flames/tar/feathers welcome. Thanks in advance for your input.......

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