Casey Bralla on 23 Feb 2014 15:02:38 -0800

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[PLUG] Upload & Append Data to a Server

There is probably a simple solution to my problem, but my Alzheimer's is 
acting up, and I can't think of it.  Could somebody help?

I'm gathering local weather data with my Raspberry Pi and want to upload it to 
a web server, which will then run a python script to create some graphs and 
format the data in a nice way for a web page.

The weather data is a simple flat file, with a new data point created every 
minute.   I'd like to upload and append this data every minute to the web 

I've got SFTP access to both machines, and can run a python script to handle 
the uploads.  What I'd really like is a sftp "append" option, but that doesn't 
seem to exist.

The data file isn't huge,  so I could theoretically download it, append it, 
then upload it again, but yech, what a cludge that would be!

Anybody got a good suggestion?

Casey Bralla

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