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Re: [PLUG] Using IPv6

   As far as I know, VZ has not rolled out IPv6 in our area (or any area,
as far as a quick search can tell), and it is unclear what it would
look like if they did. So the point is moot for now. However, if they
do it in a sensible way, it shouldn't be much different than if you had
a tunnel and your own router, so I would suggest starting with that.
You can use a Linux box for a router, if you'd like, and either SIXXS
or Hurricane Electric would work as a free tunnel broker.

                                    Gary Duzan

=> Are there any good docs out there for setting up IPv6, and NOT using a
=> tunnel broker?  I am interested in this as it seems like eventually
=> Verizon will support this, but I see a bunch of challenges:
=> 1.  I'm not running dhcp/dns on the gateway but on a separate box
=> right now (IPv4).  That works fine with NAT as my internal network
=> does not in any way depend on my external IP.  But...
=> 2.  With IPv6 the general idea is to use routable IPs.  That means
=> that anytime my external IP changes, all my internal IPs need to
=> change.  How do you update the IPv6 on a linux box when that happens?
=> How do you update the routes/etc?
=> 3.  I use PXE boot, which requires a DHCP server.  How do you get that
=> to play nicely with IPv6 stateless autoconfig, especially when the
=> DHCP server isn't on the gateway and therefore doesn't necessarily
=> know the gateway IP?  Can you use DHCP without actually handing out
=> IPs, or can it hand out routable ones by figuring out what the gateway
=> IP is?
=> 4.  I run internal DNS so that my devices have nice network names.
=> How do you do that when your IPs change anytime FIOS gives you a new
=> dynamic IP?
=> Please don't tell me that I need to stick with NAT in order to use
=> IPv6...  Actually, I'm not sure if the FIOS router even supports that
=> - I couldn't find any way to specify a different IP for the internal
=> interface vs the external one.
=> Rich
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