Rich Freeman on 4 Mar 2014 07:25:39 -0800

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[PLUG] Using IPv6

Are there any good docs out there for setting up IPv6, and NOT using a
tunnel broker?  I am interested in this as it seems like eventually
Verizon will support this, but I see a bunch of challenges:

1.  I'm not running dhcp/dns on the gateway but on a separate box
right now (IPv4).  That works fine with NAT as my internal network
does not in any way depend on my external IP.  But...
2.  With IPv6 the general idea is to use routable IPs.  That means
that anytime my external IP changes, all my internal IPs need to
change.  How do you update the IPv6 on a linux box when that happens?
How do you update the routes/etc?
3.  I use PXE boot, which requires a DHCP server.  How do you get that
to play nicely with IPv6 stateless autoconfig, especially when the
DHCP server isn't on the gateway and therefore doesn't necessarily
know the gateway IP?  Can you use DHCP without actually handing out
IPs, or can it hand out routable ones by figuring out what the gateway
IP is?
4.  I run internal DNS so that my devices have nice network names.
How do you do that when your IPs change anytime FIOS gives you a new
dynamic IP?

Please don't tell me that I need to stick with NAT in order to use
IPv6...  Actually, I'm not sure if the FIOS router even supports that
- I couldn't find any way to specify a different IP for the internal
interface vs the external one.

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