Gary Duzan on 6 Mar 2014 18:34:49 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] How about a talk? (was Re: Using IPv6)

In Message <20140305021440.GF20583@zozimos.raven>,
   "Paul L. Snyder" <>wrote:

=>This is great stuff. Would either/both of you be willing to give a talk on
=>IPv6 to any of the PLUG chapters? We've had requests for IPv6 talks in the
=>past, and there's definitely a lot of latent interest (and I'd love to hear
=>more about this, myself).
=>Current dates that need speakers are:
=> Tue  8 Apr - North
=> Mon 21 Apr - West
=> Wed  7 May - Central
=> Tue 13 May - North
=> Mon 20 May - West
=> Wed  4 Jun - Central
=> Tue 10 Jun - North
=> Mon 16 Jun - West

   I might be able to cobble something together eventually, like
a basics+experiences talk. I would do West, and may be talked into
doing Central or North. April or May, maybe.

				Gary Duzan

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