Eric H. Johnson on 7 Mar 2014 05:13:50 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Back to wordpress

Doug, et al,

I got the permalinks thing working, although I am not 100% sure what did it.
I was playing with a bunch of things, some unrelated before going back to
working on permalinks, and I was suddenly able to write to .htaccess. I did
install php5-cgi, so that may have done it.

At any rate, admin seems to be working fine. I can see the pages of the
imported site, everything seems to be there, yet when I point the browser to
the home page, I just get a blank page. No error message, and there is
nothing in the apache2 error log either. I tried turning on debugging in wp,
but don't see how that works. It seems to indicate that it will display
debug information as part of the page display, but since I cannot get a page
to display, it seems pretty worthless.

I think I have Apache configured and pointed correctly because all of the
admin stuff works off same base URL, although I tried adding /wordpress to
it and get the same blank page. I also did a view source to prove that the
page really is blank, and it is.

How do I go about debugging this?


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