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Re: [PLUG] Sensitive Personal Information In the Cloud? Why bother?

On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 1:54 PM, Casey Bralla <> wrote:
> If' you're looking for data security and redundancy, then burn it to a couple
> of DVDs or USB disks and give one to your mother and put another in your
> safety deposit box.  You lose a little immediacy of access, unless you keep
> yet another copy on your local drives.

It comes down to your situation.  I upload an incremental backup to S3
every night.  Clearly I can't do that with giving DVDs to my mother,
unless I want to make a chore out of mailing out the daily DVD.  I
used to store encrypted DVDs at work for stuff that doesn't change
often, but uploading the data to glacier (encrypted) is actually

Proper system management costs something, and the argument is that
outsourcing it costs less due to economies of scale.  Sure, S3 could
lose my data, but is that really more likely than me losing my own

On the individual scale there are a lot of alternatives like burning a
disk and giving it to a friend or whatever.  That doesn't really scale
up well.  If I were just talking about keeping my once-a-year tax
filing secure I might not use the same solution as I would if I were
managing IT for a tax-preparation firm.

I actually tend to run things the other way around - I operate
primarily from the cloud as much as I can and then backup to local
storage.  Which reminds me, I should download my presentation for
tomorrow to a USB drive.  :)

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