Rich Freeman on 11 Mar 2014 20:36:31 -0700

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[PLUG] Btrfs Talk Slides

Slides from my talk can be found at:

There is a wealth of info on the web, especially on the official wiki.
 The data structures in btrfs are actually worth some attention as
there is a lot of clever optimization there.  Certainly would make a
nice little applied case-study for a data structures class/etc.

There was some discussion at dinner around whether the B-tree still
makes as much sense in the era of SSD.  A quick Google search turned
up a modest amount of discussion on this topic which I plan to study.

A quick google search also turned up SystemRescueCD as a btrfs-enabled
rescue CD - I will probably do some testing with it.  This one is
gentoo-based, which isn't critical to me other than for the fact that
it is very current on btrfs-progs, and kernel 3.10/3.13.  If your root
is on btrfs then having a modern btrfs-enabled rescue CD is important.

Thanks to all for the great Q&A/etc.

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