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Re: [PLUG] How to Archive Data for 20 Years?

On 03/18/2014 10:08 AM, Paul Walker wrote:

Bit rot anyone? The article use the same term to refer to data corruption,
obsolescence, and the disappearance of source materials as a result of
intellectual property concerns and licensing. The implications are
interesting, however: let alone your tax documents in twenty years, what
record will be left of this whole human enterprise in 1000?

I didn't read the article, but...


Not a complete answer by any means and potentially...biased and limited. But interesting.

Storage always gets bigger, and it's easier to copy the old stuff than to sort through it. I know I've got some ancient dot-files from my early-mid 90's Netaxs account stashed away someplace. I've got batch files and college C and maybe Pascal programs a lot older than that. (Just found a BASIC program from 1989 and I know I have older.) Easier to just copy it to the new storage device, it's all tiny...

Again, not complete, but what archeology is?  :-)

Food for thought I guess,
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