Eric H. Johnson on 28 Mar 2014 05:51:38 -0700

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[PLUG] DNS question

Hi all,


Not really a Linux question, but thought people here might have run into this.


I have a site setup at for example, and hosted in the cloud. The DNS is handled through GoDaddy and has both’@’  ( and pointing to the same address. This is working fine, except in the building which also uses as the corporate domain. Internally, the fully qualified resolves fine, however resolves to the DNS server rather than the external web site.


It is easy enough to say don’t do that inside the building, except so many of the browsers are now set to go through a search engine rather than directly entering a URL, and the search engines are returning rather than which in the building cannot resolve.


The DNS server is Windows Server 2008. Is there a way to resolve this in DNS, short of having to setup an internal website that just does a redirect?





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