Aaron Mulder on 29 Mar 2014 07:11:03 -0700

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I just came across some MySQL .frm .ISM .ISD files from circa 2000.
I'd like to load them up and produce a dump that I can load into a
modern version of MySQL to explore.

I believe, based on a little Googling, that MySQL 3.23.x would be the
way to go.  But I don't have a machine or OS from that era, and I
pretty much assume it would not be worth the effort to get it to
compile on a modern platform.  I'm guessing loading up an old distro
that includes it would be easier.

Any suggestions for how to get a MySQL 3.23 environment up and
running?  It would be especially helpful if there was a LiveCD or
something I could install easily into a VM.  All I need is five
minutes of MySQL 3.23 to put my files in place and run a dump.  (It's
a small database, so speed or capacity is not a concern.)

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