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Re: [PLUG] Ultrabook for Linux Recommendations?

     I've got a Acer s5, Linux runs like a rocket on it. You have to set the mSATA controller to AHCI in the BIOS
and the the 2 SSD drives are running in RAID 0 as one drive. I've ordered a mSATA 1 TB SSD for it.
There is a small display issue with the Intel HD 4000 graphics in the kernel prior to 3.7.
The resolution if your using a kernel earlier than 3.7 is to put the laptop to sleep and then wake it back up.
I'm currently using it for my road warrior laptop its great. Current  pricing is $1,249.00     Amazon is selling it for $689.99
I got mine as a CES demo unit about 3 months after I got back home for $550 as it was a Demo unit from Acer, through the rep I spoke to
when I was @ CES for the roll out.Its smaller and lighter than a Macbook Air almost an I7 and and was no where the price of the air.

Acer S5 basic spec.s

Laptop type Ultra-portable

Weight 2.65 pounds

Operating system (installed)  Windows 7/8/8.1

Screen size (diag.) 13.3 inches

CPU brand Intel

CPU family Ivy Bridge

Graphics type Integrated GPU HD Graphics 4000

Battery life 4 hours and 24 minutes

The things I wish were different are, could use a lighted keyboard, SSD drive could be bigger,

1080p graphics and a bigger power switch,otherwise I love this thing.

I would like to try Linux on the S7 model as most of the changes have been incorporated in that model.

Lee Maguire

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