Casey Bralla on 5 Apr 2014 01:13:48 -0700

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[PLUG] Mozilla. I Can't Tolerate Intolerance: Need an Alternative

George Orwell is alive and thriving, unfortunately,

I've been a long-time fan and user of Firefox, but with their latest Orwellian 
persecution of people due to their political beliefs, I just can't support 
them anymore.

I've tried using Qupzilla, which is pretty darn good, but am looking for other 
Mozilla alternatives.

I've used chrome, but find it's interface too weird.  Opera is not open source, 
(although it's in Gentoo as source so I'm confused).  Konqueror still can't 
decide if it wants to be a file manager or web client.

What does the group recommend as an alternative to rigidly-conformist (or 
else!) browsers?

Casey Bralla

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