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Re: [PLUG] Mozilla. I Can't Tolerate Intolerance: Need an Alternative

George Orwell is alive and thriving, unfortunately,

I've been a long-time fan and user of Firefox, but with their latest Orwellian
persecution of people due to their political beliefs, I just can't support
them anymore.

As someone who identifies as GLBT, I need to address this.

The specific issue was not around CEO Brendan Eich's beliefs, but the fact that he took specific and concrete actions to keep same-sex couples from marrying, by way of making a $1,000 to Proposition 8 in California.  If he had simply not been a fan of gays or gays marrying, I don't think would have been much of a reaction.  But when it came out that he gave money to an effort which was ultimately successful in preventing same-sex marriages, how do you think you might feel if you were a GLBT employee working under him, or a GLBT user of Mozilla?

To rephrase this discussion that's slightly more on topic for this list: let's talk about Microsoft and Linux!  if Microsoft decides they don't like Linux and don't want to use it, I don't think any of us here will lose sleep over that.  But if Microsoft decides that other people using Linux is against their religious or political beliefs, and donates to efforts to get Linux shut down, I think there would be a much stronger reaction from both members of this list and the Linux community as a whole.

It's not about beliefs, it's about imposing one's beliefs on other people which is the problem.

In that vein, if the original poster wants to have his own beliefs about Mozilla, and does not wish to use Firefox anymore as a result, that is fine, and how I believe a free society is supposed to work.

-- Doug
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