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Re: [PLUG] Mozilla. I Can't Tolerate Intolerance: Need an Alternative

On Sat, Apr 5, 2014 at 2:19 PM, Douglas Muth <> wrote:
> But when it came out that he gave money to an
> effort which was ultimately successful in preventing same-sex marriages, how
> do you think you might feel if you were a GLBT employee working under him,
> or a GLBT user of Mozilla?

Suppose he was just a VP.  Should he be fired for giving money to such
a cause then?

How about if he was just a junior analyst?

How about if he were just some guy who decided to change web browsers
since he disagreed with Mozilla's actions?

Millions of people have given money to causes like this.  As much as
you and I might find that reprehensible, should they all be punished
for it?

20 years ago a man in his (or any) position might be driven out of his
job if the world discovered he was gay, at the hands of people like
the one in question.  You can be disgusted at that, and still wonder
if Mozilla did the right thing here.

In another 40 years society will wake up and figure out they're
persecuting some other group.  Just as you'll find women and blacks on
both sides of the gay marriage debate, you'll find gay people on both
sides of that future debate.  Once again society will need to change,
and once again it will have to come to grips with the previous
majority who with good or bad intentions opposed that change.

I can't fault anybody for being angry at those who actively persecuted
them.  It is just unfortunate that it has to come to things like this.
 It seems like this nonsense will never end - there will always be
many on the wrong side of history.

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