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Re: [PLUG] Running memtest86 on ubuntu 13.04

I always would just download memtest86 from the original site, and create a bootable USB stick. A lot quicker and easier than making a whole live cd.


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Subject: [PLUG] Running memtest86 on ubuntu 13.04


Hi all,


I am having trouble getting to memtest86 from an Ubuntu 13.04 LiveCD. Various references online have said to hold the shift, tab or any key on boot to get to either grub or the older boot menu. I also saw a reference that said memtest would not run from Grub2, but not sure if that applies to a LiveCD. Ubuntu is not installed on the computer itself so Grub has not been installed to the hard drive.


At any rate, none of options I found seem to be working. The computer is an HP probook which does have a memory test feature in the BIOS, but I would still like to figure out how to do it from a LiveCD boot.





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