Casey Bralla on 12 Apr 2014 11:57:10 -0700

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[PLUG] Dreaming of Multi-4K Monitors

2 or 3 times per decade I build a new computer from parts.  I'm still  over a 
year (and lots of $ <grin>) away from my next build, but I'm starting to 

I  want my next system to have three 4K monitors.

I'm wondering about how to hook up and drive such a behemoth.  I'm not into 
gaming, so I won't need any super fast graphics capability, but 3 4K monitors 
is still an awful lot of pixels to pump out on a regular basis.   

I'm wondering about 2 major points:
1.  Wiring type (hdmi or displayport)
2.  Single or multiple graphics adapters.

I'm assuming that displayport, which has no royalties and has slightly higher 
theoretical throughput, will be very common by next year.

However, will I be able to daisy chain that many pixels on a single graphics 
card, or will I need multiple cards and multiple cables to each monitor?  if 
it can be done by a single card, what type of specs should I concern myself 

Of course, I also strongly prefer to use FOSS video drivers (which is easier 
since I won't be gaming).

I welcome the advice and comments of this learned and august group.

My NewEgg wish lists is crying out to be updated!


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