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Re: [PLUG] two window managers

On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 10:16 PM, Carl Johnson
<> wrote:
> Ok I created .xinitrc in /home/testuser with "twm" in it. After that I tried
> "startx". The screen then goes black and hangs there. I hit ctrl-alt-bksp to
> get me back to a prompt. I think we're close???

Honestly, I'm hazy on the details of startx and the nuances thereof
and the multitude of config files that influence various ways of
invoking X11.  You could always start screen, then launch X in one
session, then in the next session run DISPLAY=:0 twm and see what
happens in the X11 display (you'll need to switch virtual consoles
back and forth to get back to your console - and I'm assuming X will
run as :0 but I think the server outputs the display).

X by itself will just launch a server and give you a blank screen.
You then need to launch some kind of client against it.  You could
also launch an xterm against it, and then from the xterm fire up twm.

Actually, if you aren't familiar with X11 I recommend doing all of
this even if you get it working - it won't mess with any of your
config files and it will give you a sense of the role of clients,
servers, window managers, and so on.

I just migrated my system to lightdm and it took almost no effort to
get working, but I don't know if it groks twm out-of-the-box or not.
(I did not try using it - haven't used twm since I ran it on an actual
X terminal.)

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