Casey Bralla on 17 Apr 2014 16:59:11 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] two window managers

Just to be sure I understand what you want, you want 2 users (non-
simultaneously) to be able to have separate window managers on the same 

This should be relatively simple.  Just create separate .xinitrc files in each 
user's home directories.   The last line of .xinitrc should be the command to 
start the window manager of their choice.

For example, I've experimented with different window managers for the same user 
on the same computer.   The last lines of .xinitrc would be something like:

# startkde
# startlxde
# startjwm

I simply uncommented the window manager I wanted to start.   This caused some 
problems because they sometimes shared configuration files, but only because it 
was the same user.   If you have separate users, this shouldn't be a problem.

On Thursday 2014-04-17 7:28:20 PM Carl Johnson wrote:
> Does anyone know of a way to have, for example, twm for one user and, gdm
> for another? As it is now, the system boots to runlevel 3 and, I can get
> into gnome from both "root" and "testuser". I've installed twm with "yum
> install twm" but, neither user can get into twm. So far I've tried "xinit
> -e /usr/bin/twm, "twm" and they don't work.


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