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Re: [PLUG] Linux for Mac

On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 4:59 PM, JP Vossen <> wrote:
> 3. How do I make the bloody thing Linux-like?  I know I can get bash at the
> CLI and that's a good start.  What else do I want to know about?
> I know that "Linux like" is ambiguous too.  I'm typing this on Lubuntu
> 12.04, but I use Ubuntu 12.04 + Cinnamon on my main workstation and Ubuntu
> 12.04 Unity on a Mini9.  (I'll get around to 14.4 RSN...)  I like Cinnamon
> the best, but LXDE is working nicely except that I can't re-arrange task bar
> buttons.
> * Gentoo Prefix?
> * How do I get Geany, ROXTerm, probably Unison-GTK working?
> * How do I make the desktop suck less (loaded question, but I've never liked
> the Mac desktop interface at all)?

I've heard of MacPorts, and of course I'd plug Gentoo Prefix.  Both
run outside of chroots.  Both are inspired by BSD Ports as well.

I imagine that MacPorts will be more of a
run-installer-and-you're-done experience.  Gentoo Prefix will of
course be much more Gentoo-like, and if you put it first in your path
you probably will end up with a shell experience very close to a
typical distro, depending on what you install.

In theory you should be able to install both, and just manage your
path.  Typically for Gentoo prefix you'd have a shell script to set up
your environment, and then stick it in your profile/bashrc/whatever if
you want it to run all the time.  If MacPorts and the other options do
the same then you could switch back and forth and figure out what you

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