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Re: [PLUG] Linux for Mac

what about a live distro with persistent storage? I have experience building live distros from scratch more or less and know a fair bit about getting them to boot on UEFI hardware (but little on macbook's EFI implementation- I'm willing to hack at it if you are).

i'd also look into macports (or whatever the preferred alternative is these days)- it's analogous (but not directly comparable) to cygwin for windows.

brent s.
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On Apr 25, 2014 4:59 PM, "JP Vossen" <> wrote:
As lots of you know I know nothing about Apple stuff and dislike them in general, so many--especially Walt--will laugh your butts off because I may end up using a Mac for work.  :-/

My questions are thus:

1. Air or Pro?  I will be driving to and staying in DC a few days a week for at least a while.  I do not foresee heavy-duty computing needs, except maybe for #3.

2. I would want it to sit in the server room connected to a 10' VGA cable and PS/2 keyboard/mouse with a USB adapter.  How do I make that happen?  (The monitor is pretty old but does seem to have DVI input. It's square though, not the hated wide-screen.)

3. How do I make the bloody thing Linux-like?  I know I can get bash at the CLI and that's a good start.  What else do I want to know about?

I know that "Linux like" is ambiguous too.  I'm typing this on Lubuntu 12.04, but I use Ubuntu 12.04 + Cinnamon on my main workstation and Ubuntu 12.04 Unity on a Mini9.  (I'll get around to 14.4 RSN...)  I like Cinnamon the best, but LXDE is working nicely except that I can't re-arrange task bar buttons.

* Gentoo Prefix?
* How do I get Geany, ROXTerm, probably Unison-GTK working?
* How do I make the desktop suck less (loaded question, but I've never liked the Mac desktop interface at all)?

There are also the Parallels or Fusion options.  Are there others?  I'm not sure I want to go there since a Mac is BSD at the core, the stuff I want should Just Run, and you end up a bit split-brained.  But...

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