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Re: [PLUG] Free Wi-Fi issues

Interesting article but it boggles my mind how people can demand that Internet Access be free. Someone has to foot the bill for the infrastructure that brings WiFi to the masses. Who is getting that bill? One comment on the article's page stated "Are they going to invest into the upkeep of the infrastructure as technology improves?" What is the top thing this day is obsolete tomorrow. But I have to come back to my initials statement "who is paying for it?" Right now it pains me when I have to shell out $10+ a day when I go away and Internet is not included in my hotel bill. Yes I always look for Free Internet as a benefit and have kept that as a criteria when I book a room, as I also want free HBO, sorry I have to keep up with some things. 

But lets face it there is no "such thing as a free lunch." Granted you can sell advertising space to cover the cost but that still trickles down to the consumer paying as advertising prices go up for products.

I think a better solution is that if I pay for Broadband service at my home why can't I get that access anywhere I can find access. Oh but you say you can. True if I am a verizon customer and can find a Verizon HotSpot I can get on for free. Try that and you will find AT&T, Optimum and others. So you say switch to Optimum. Sorry they aren't in my area. Or change to Xfinity, sorry again but the cost is higher. There are numerous reasons we subscribe to our ISP. A better solution is that no matter who provides your Internet at home you would be allowed to login to whatever Hotspot you find. 

In the end that will raise the cost of my broadband access because the ISP will want me to pay the pennies he is paying into the pool. Or some other bill I pay that is electronic (Cable TV, Cell Phone, Landline) will be increased to cover that.

In the end those of us that pay for our Broadband will end up paying for the Free access to the masses.

On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 11:37 AM, Ed Dunlop <> wrote:
For those of us interested in Free Wi-Fi and issues surrounding it, here is an article in today's Washington Post you will be interested in. Some communities have implemented it in Washington, DC.

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