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Re: [PLUG] Free Wi-Fi issues

Realistically, the costs would be rolled into the property tax, as are the other municipal services that are provided "free": street lighting and snowplowing, trash removal, and so on. So, expect to see higher property taxes, and rents. An interesting question is whether it's more cost-effective for individuals to buy their own bandwidth, vs. a neighborhood contracting for it and collecting via property taxes. Other questions come up when the government is your ISP: will having direct access to internet use logs (at least by MAC address) be used in police investigations? Conversely, what will be done when illegal activity is found to be conducted through free municipal wifi? Will anonymous (or pseudononymous) connections lead to more illegal activity being conducted?

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On 4/30/2014 3:00 PM, wrote:
Interesting article but it boggles my mind how people can demand that
Internet Access be free. Someone has to foot the bill for the
infrastructure that brings WiFi to the masses. Who is getting that bill?

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