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[PLUG] [plug-announce] Monday, May 19, 2014: PLUG West - "The Clojure Programming Language: Don't Fear the Parens" by Paul L. Snyder (7pm at FIS in Malvern)

The Philadelphia Area Linux Users Group (PLUG) cordially invites you to
a PLUG West meeting on Monday, May 19 at FIS in Malvern, PA from 7-9 pm.

This month, PLUG West will feature a talk by Paul L. Snyder, who will be
giving a talk entitled "The Clojure Programming Language: Don't Fear the
Parens." Clojure is a modern dialect of Lisp that can (among other
targets) be hosted on the Java virtual machine or compiled to
JavaScript. The presentation will cover the benefits of Clojure as a
language, including its focus on immutable data, REPL-oriented
development, functional programming, and software transactional memory.
The discussion will also skate through the wide range of available
libraries, including core.logic for Prolog-like relational and logic
programming, and core.async for asynchronous channels in the style of
C.A.R. Hoare's Communicating Sequential Processes (which also recently
influenced Google's Go programming language). Paul has previously given
a version of this talk at PLUG Central.                                             

Interested in Linux, BSD, and Free Software? Whether you're already an
enthusiast or want to learn more, come and join us! PLUG meetings are
free and open to everyone, and anyone who is curious is invited to

The meeting will be at the FIS office in Malvern, PA:

  2 West Liberty Blvd, Suite 300
  Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355

For driving directions, please visit

For more information about PLUG, please visit our website at
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