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Re: [PLUG] OpenOffice vs LibreOffice

On 06/20/2014 01:48 PM, Greg Helledy wrote:
I installed OpenOffice 4.0 on the family PC at home (Win 7).  I haven't
used Draw, only the word processor and spreadsheet applications.  In
those, I haven't noticed any bugs, and the kids haven't mentioned
anything either.

It can read the Office 2007 file formats (e.g. .docx) but does not save
in them (only the older .doc).  So far this hasn't been a problem, but
eventually it will be.  Some people have to operate in an MS ecosystem.

The LibreOffice page on wikipedia makes it sound as if it does support
writing .docx, without explicitly saying so.

Even my ancient LibreOffice (stock from Lubuntu 12.04) reads/writes docx/xlsx. It's buggy, but mostly works. I'm hoping when I get around to upgrading to 14.04 (or Mint) and get LibreOffice 4.2.3 it will improve. Current on is 4.2.5...

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