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Re: [PLUG] [lopsa-tech] Network Issue and Printer Issue

Edward you are correct. That boils down to space.

On to Derek.

You are correct. Not to get into the politics of a Non Public High School but suffice it to say my question when I was told what they were doing was "What were you thinking?" 

But the school is making an effort to get into the 21st century. I have learned over the 17 years in my present job with a school district that logic never enters into any decision. Where I am coaching that is paramount. They finally moved from a volunteer person doing the IT for the school to a formal person. Not at the school but at the central office. That person is overseeing the project. I asked to be involved as that is in my wheelhouse since I do that everyday at $WORK. But I was never asked. Even though I alerted them to what my intentions were for the office and wanted to speak to the program/project manager just so the equipment I would put in that office fit their scheme. Again no discussion which brings me to the point I am at.

I understand the ease that wireless brings but if the unit is not going to move anywhere and there is a drop already there why not use it. How long has the Cat5e standard been in use? Now there is Cat 6 (add the latest letter) and fiber. I guess we can have multiple discussions on wireless or wired. There are pros and cons for everything. The school is just over 50 years old. If they do this correctly there will end up having mounted projectors and smart boards in every class room. Are you going to start streaming video to the class rooms over the wireless network? I am not sure of the backbone as I did not see them running fiber to these access points. And having just gone through a $50 million construction of a new school that had to scale back $8 Million I saw where the cuts were. Access points and cameras. But they still had offices wired for the desktop and the projectors were also wired with Cat 6 from a fiber terminal closet.

I am sorry to rant. 

As technology advances I see the landscape changing and when a large institution is planning for the future tough decisions have to be made and you have budget constraints. But again the word logic creeps back into my mind.

So Derek I agree that the person who did the survey of the school should have taken everything into consideration but again that is logic. Something I continually find lacking in a large amount of places in today's world. 

On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 9:29 AM, Derek Balling <> wrote:
This seems like the sort of thing where you should get a new wireless-capable printer, on "someone else's budget".

Whoever spec'ed the budget for this conversion *must*[1] have known there would be some "wired-only devices" which would need to be upgraded/replaced to be compliant, and have built a line-item into their budget for such replacements.


[1] right?

On Aug 29, 2014, at 8:47 AM, john boris <> wrote:

Good Day to the list. Outside of $WORK I coach Football at my Alma Mater. I am the Teams "IT" guy. I have outfitted the coaches office with a wireless router as there was only one drop in that office and the closest access point was on the other side of the gym and if you sneezed it went to zero bars. It also allowed us to have a network printer for the office. Everyone could connect their own device in that office. 

The High School decided it was going completely wireless, yes no wired connections in any office. I met the worker on the job yesterday and they are severing all wired drops and putting access points everywhere. I believe Aerohive. He claims we will get 450+mb speeds. Caveat with the correct equipment on the users end.

Anyway this will break my little setup in the coaches office and we are on our own. S when this happens even though we will have an access point in that office I now have to figure out an economical way to get us printing in that office.

The printer we have is an HP All-in-one 7300. (It cost me $30 at a yard sale 5 years ago and still runs like a champ) I am torn between replacing the printer with a newer one that is wireless or find some other economical way to connect the printer to the wireless network. Any ideas? 

John J. Boris, Sr.

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