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Re: [PLUG] PLUG N 2014-09-15 follow-up

Yes, I am still an Ubuntu user at core, but I definitely admit Cinnamon is a great interface in Mint 17. I'm using Mint booting from USB at the library and it's very elegant and friendly.

On Sep 17, 2014 2:04 PM, "JP Vossen" <jp@jpsdomain.org> wrote:
First, thanks to Rohit for interesting thoughts and points on Linux on
the Enterprise Desktop.

Second, I wanted to thank Bhaskar for the LibreOffice PPA idea.  That
actually *did* fix my *.docx problem!  Among many rendering problems was
that it seems to be numbering every line.  Yet "Tools > Line Numbering"
was *not* turned on, and that one seems to be a display feature anyway.
 I had not investigated style corruption and/or line numbers in there
yet, but this upgrade fixed the problem.
Linux Mint 17 LibreOffice before: and after PPA:
        * apt-add-repository ppa:libreoffice/libreoffice-4-3
        * aptitude update
        * aptitude safe-upgrade

Third, Rohit had mentioned how he liked the Gnome2 desktop.  I agree and
while I like Unity on my Mini9 and small form factors, I vastly prefer
the Mint "Cinnamon" interface on larger devices.  However, I forgot to
note that Linux Mint with the "Mate" interface is...Gnome2 improved.  See:

I was using Ubuntu 12.04 plus Cinnamon from a PPA, but as far as I can
tell that PPA is gone for 14.04, there is nothing to replace it, and it
was a bit wonky anyway.  So instead of 14.04 I'm just using Mint 17 (5
year LTS, based on 14.04 and using mostly Ubuntu repos anyway).

This is full-day 3 of using Mint 17 as my $WORK desktop and so far I am
REALLY liking it.  It's a LOT more usable and pretty than the Lubuntu
12.04 I was using, without either getting in my way or bogging down the
4G RAM 2.53GHz P8700 Core2 Latitude E6500 I'm running on.

Fourth, someone, maybe Rohit(?), mentioned http://systemimager.org/ as
as free software.  I'd somehow missed that and had been using
Clonezilla, which can't resize partitions for a $WORK need.  Might be
worth looking at for anyone interested in cloning tools.

Fifth, we were talking about migrating svn to git.  Googling "migrate
svn to git" gives you lots of info, and if the stock tools fail, ESR's
http://www.catb.org/esr/reposurgeon/ will work, at a possible cost of a
day or two to write the config file.  http://subgit.com/ also sounded
neat but I've never used it.

I do like the O'Reilly _Version control with git_ book, though I still
think that git is user hostile compared to BZR.  That said, I must admit
git has won the war, hands down, no question about it. :-)

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