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Re: [PLUG] msmtp looks like it works.....

On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 12:25 PM, Keith C. Perry
<> wrote:
> That's not the entire protocol capture- or if it is something is wrong.
> There should be a greeting from the receiver after the connection SYN-ACK,
> then the sender issues the HELO command.  There should be  a "MAIL FROM"
> and then a "RCPT TO" command issued:

I suspect that this was just trimmed out to avoid spam/etc.

I've seen this sort of thing a lot more lately.  In the cause of
getting rid of spam the RFCs have become just about worthless.

Servers should either reject email, or accept and deliver it.  If a
server accepts mail, and later can't deliver it, then it is
responsible for bouncing it.

The problem is that because of all the abuses of spammers, we now have
servers that happily accept mail and then toss it, and you can never
really be sure if anything is getting delivered anywhere.

I used to bounce all my email to my gmail account, but stuff like dkim
has made that impossible now - Google rejects my mail since I'm
sending "on behalf" of unauthorized domains.  I've since switched to
unencrypted POP3 (since Google doesn't support encrypted POP3 without
a certificate they trust), and sending outgoing email via Amazon.

Bottom line - email providers are more than happy to lie to you about
accepting your mail.  As with many spam remedies - the cure seems
almost as bad as the disease.

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