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Re: [PLUG] FYI: SchedulesDirect changes

More updates on this:

Bottom line, you ideally want 0.27 or newer.  Mythbuntu 12.04 is 0.25,
unless you used the PPA as recommended.

On 09/15/2014 10:42 AM, JP Vossen wrote:
> FYI, for those of us using MythTV or similar with
> September 11th 2014
> Major Service Change coming to Schedules Direct
> We have been informed that our data source: Gracenote (formerly Tribune
> Media Services) will be ending the guide data service currently used by
> most SD members. Their plan is to end support for this service on
> November 1, 2014.
> Thankfully there is no need to panic, as Schedules Direct was already
> hard at work implementing a more modern JSON-based service using
> newer/better data feeds from TMS, as well as a service similar to the
> current method.
> If you are an application developer, please come up with a plan for your
> users. If you are an end user, please be give your developers time to
> develop a plan.
> For more details and discussion please check out the THREAD IN OUR FORUM
> ---- end quote ----
> The thread mentions a replacement mythfilldatabase grabber but I haven't
> had time to look in o how it would actually work, especially since I'm
> still on Mythbuntu 12.04...  It seems SD will be providing a "legacy"
> feed to mostly match the existing one though.

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