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Re: [PLUG] Anyone hear of ello wanting to be a "Benefit Corp"?

Hey Joe, interesting paper...

Some years ago before gold prices started dropping there was a call to go back to the gold standard but of course, that is impossible.  Modern financial operations simply could not be supported by gold alone unless the price was astronomical (I've heard $7000/ounce mentioned before).  The next idea was to tie currency rates to a basket of commodities and natural resources that countries have.  Similar effect though- commodities prices would spike.  Both approache would effect GDP indirectly because they would directly effect both sides of an economy.

Then there is the idea of using crypto currencies (i.e. bitcoin) which remove the ability for countries to adjust rates.  You can image how popular that one is at the sovereign level.

This paper seems to start the idea that a business can achieve value by non-monetary means- literally human capitol.  If this were to be the case then it is perfectly conceivable that a company's valuation could be based solely on its people and operations.  I'm not sure if this is a sustainability issue since fiat money is already created out of air.  Yes there are huge problems with NOT being pegged to something real but that problem is also an advantage in another context.

I could see adding such a dynamic to the mix.  We're always talking about how "valuable" STEM people are yet most people are not paid for the truth worth of their abilities.  Everyone is going to say that but with STEM professionals, there's a valid argument.  I could see this being stimulative as companies would be looking to use and hire more STEM professionals since it immediately would increase corporate worth.  Over the long term, the people that are most likely to be innovative and productive would increase net corporate worth.  That's assuming we also get away from the American management model.

It would be nice to be worth my weight in gold next time someone tells me that.  

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Subject: [PLUG] Anyone hear of ello wanting to be a "Benefit Corp"?

Well this is not linux, but ello is a tech thing so I'm posting this here.

Was catching up on email and read something about ello and them creating something called a Benefit Corp. Never heard of that.. found this pdf online. I just read the first couple of pages to get the intent and it reminded me of people wanting to change the GDP rating for places around the world to something else (I forget the name of the new thing). 
I like this because it shows a shift from having money represent a value vs paying attention to the actual value. An accident of capitalism is that the values pushed are by those with the money to push them. Everyone else must run to the money man for the rest of those values and plead/tap-dance to convince them the value is, well, valuable.



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