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Re: [PLUG] Anyone hear of ello wanting to be a "Benefit Corp"?

This news was in my feed this morning as well. The article I read cites this benefit corporation ensures Ello is "legally barred from ever running adverts or selling user data, and nor can it sell to another firm which will." Despite this, they've raised $5.5m from venture capitalists. Presumably they have a plan to make money somewhere, but the article mention how from what I read.

Vic Simeone

On Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 12:24 AM, Joe Rosato <> wrote:
Well this is not linux, but ello is a tech thing so I'm posting this here.

Was catching up on email and read something about ello and them creating something called a Benefit Corp. Never heard of that.. found this pdf online. I just read the first couple of pages to get the intent and it reminded me of people wanting to change the GDP rating for places around the world to something else (I forget the name of the new thing). 

I like this because it shows a shift from having money represent a value vs paying attention to the actual value. An accident of capitalism is that the values pushed are by those with the money to push them. Everyone else must run to the money man for the rest of those values and plead/tap-dance to convince them the value is, well, valuable.


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