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[PLUG] PLUG W Follow-up

First, thanks to David for the really interesting AWS talk, I know I
learned a lot.  I also just read the last 10 posts in too, some neat stuff!

There's a bash Cookbook recipe similar to your rename one, but you don't
need 'basename' or 'awk'.  See
or for more of it search 'bash cookbook "renaming many files"' in Google

For the LVM one you might like the 'seq' command or just {1..15}.  (Oh,
you used 'seq' in the BIND file post. :)

Also, the name of the "wrapper" thing I couldn't remember is  Either that or a bash script with a
big case..esac block might make a nice addition to your 'aws' commands
and aliases.

Something that didn't come up but is relevant to some of the discussions
is the ability to read and write from the clipboard.  Not sure how to do
this on a Mac, but on Debian/Ubuntu/Mint:

$ sudo apt-get install xsel
$ alias gc='xsel -b'       # GetClip
$ alias pc='xsel -bi'      # PutClip
$ gc | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | head | pc  # Top-10 list


I also talked about "easygit" ( and
the SVN --> git page which I
really like. I've had trouble with it in that 'eg status' fails to
produce output for me that 'git status' provides.  OTOH, 'eg diff' and
'eg revert' Do What I Meant and not the crazy crap that git does
instead.  YMMV.

And that RCS wrapper ESR wrote is:
Blogs/details: I wrote a version-control system today SRC 0.3 – ready for the adventurous SRC FAQ SRC 0.9: Ready for the less adventurous now

I'm still not 100% sure I fully grok the need.  I get that changesets
aren't needed for stand-alone files, but "$VCS commit -m'message'
singe_file" isn't rocket science either.  Whatever, it's still very cool.

Related, for converting SVN to git, start with,
and then perhaps read and,
but unless the SVN repo is drop-dead simple you will probably end up
with ESR's  (Boy, he came up a lot
last night, and while we were just next door in Malvern...:)

Wow, this got long...  Shutting up now...
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