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Re: [PLUG] PLUG W Follow-up

I use hangout quite a bit but it can be a challenge "clean" recording when were talking about the presentation context.  The biggest issue is video quality may drop and make it hard to read something.  Hangouts and HoA are really more for that virtual meeting sort of thing where you might want the ability to record.

It would be an interesting thing to try especially with a bad winter in front of us.  Hangout and HoA have a limit of 10 and some of the individual PLUG meetings I've gone to have been larger than but some people might be fine just to be on the chat part.  Adafruit does things that way (only presenters are on video, everyone else is on the chat) but even their videos experience quality drops at times.  Its usually just product shots or demos though, generally not code or other text.

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I think this can be easily done using Hangouts.  I am sure we would want to test out sound and all but I know a few meetups that use Hangouts to broadcast their talks live on Youtube.

- John M.

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