Malcolm on 26 Nov 2014 05:29:28 -0800

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[PLUG] (possibly OT) weather tracking

I was wondering if anyone on the list had experience with small scale/home based weather station hardware & software?

I'm interested in tracking the micro-climate around the house, as it's often different from the forecast weather and things like wind-funnel effect between buildings mean it can actually be noticeably different (as far as plant tolerance goes) even in on each side of the building.

general criteria:
 * not costing $1000s
* multiple sensor support (most inexpensive COTS seem to be limited to a couple of sensors)
 * low power consumption
 * not cloud-based (which almost all the COTS seem to be)
 * precision doesn't have to be high (eg. nearest degree for temperature)
 * easy data extraction (no proprietary formats)

I don't want to spend months writing my own stuff, but it a bit of mucking about is fine. I've just been unable to find where to start without dropping a lot of money on a windows-based COTS package.

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