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Re: [PLUG] (possibly OT) weather tracking

I saw this awhile back...

The build however is based on using cubesensors.  Not $1000's but a 4 unit system + base station is $450.  Each cube sends data over ZigBee to the base station but the thing that is not clear is if the base station needs to be connected to the internet all the time (I suspect the answer to that might be yes because of this obsession with running everything as a remote service).  Looks like their API is available but in an alpha state.

You could also use DYI this with a Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black or even an Arduino with the exact sensors you want (see for example).  There lots of code examples around for these types of projects so you should be able to do a build cheaply and only have a minimum of mucking about.

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From: "Malcolm" <>
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Subject: [PLUG] (possibly OT) weather tracking

I was wondering if anyone on the list had experience with small
scale/home based weather station hardware & software?

I'm interested in tracking the micro-climate around the house, as it's
often different from the forecast weather and things like wind-funnel
effect between buildings mean it can actually be noticeably different
(as far as plant tolerance goes) even in on each side of the building.

general criteria:
  * not costing $1000s
  * multiple sensor support (most inexpensive COTS seem to be limited to
a couple of sensors)
  * low power consumption
  * not cloud-based (which almost all the COTS seem to be)
  * precision doesn't have to be high (eg. nearest degree for temperature)
  * easy data extraction (no proprietary formats)

I don't want to spend months writing my own stuff, but it a bit of
mucking about is fine. I've just been unable to find where to start
without dropping a lot of money on a windows-based COTS package.

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