Casey Bralla on 27 Nov 2014 08:56:41 -0800

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[PLUG] OT: Question about AV Receivers

Sorry for the non-Linux question, but y'all are the best tech nerds I know!

I want to buy a new TV for black Friday, which means I have to ditch my 
composite video AV Receiver for a new one that will switch HDMI video.

However, I still have several composite video devices (like an ancient VCR) 
that I want to control through the receiver rather than select inputs on the 
TV.  (I like to use the TV as a simple monitor, with all functions controlled 
by the receiver.)

Most AV Receivers will handle both composite video inputs and HDMI inputs and 
outputs.   However, I can't find any definite documentation that states that a 
composite video input will be converted to an HDMI-compatible signal and pass 
through to the HDMI output.  (I understand the quality and resolution will 
still be composite video level.)

I presume this is a standard feature of AV receivers, but can somebody confirm 
that a composite video input will be routed through to the HDMI output?

TIA, and Happy Thanksgiving!
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